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Sahl hashish

Sahl Hasheesh.
Sahl Hasheesh, or «Green Valley» — is a modern developing exclusive resort located along the bays of the Red Sea with magnificent sandy beaches. Sahl Hasheesh is a beautiful place, in old times as the ancient Egyptians believed, patronized by the goddess Isis. Large trading port in antiquity, the city of Isis was absorbed by the sea. With its disappearance many mysteries are associated.
The ruins of the sunken city of the pharaohs will be visible under water from the pontoon bridge, which stretches for 250 meters from the coast.
The tour will continue on comfortable ship. Before going to the sea, you will swim with a mask among the columns under water.
During the tour, you will stop at the magnificent coral reef to snorkel. The program is perfectly complemented by fishing from the ship and sunset on the way back. You will also be offered lunch. A bright conclusion to the trip will be visit to the square of colored fountains.

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