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Grand Aquarium

The Grand Aquarium is located between the Magawish and Mercure hotels. This is a multifunctional center — a cafe, an aquarium, a zoo, a small terrarium … It is made as a multilevel city of unspoiled nature. It is impossible to get confused in it: the direction of your movement is indicated by arrows from the beginning to the end of the journey. There is a suspension bridge, tunnels, stairs … Everything is shrouded in nature, grottoes … beautiful lighting.
All along the way, you are accompanied by small original forms of reservoirs, streams … A sufficient number of aquariums with various fishes (moray eels, sharks, rays, sea snakes and turtles). You will see lizards, crocodiles, boas, monkeys, turtles, ostriches, as well as the skeleton of a huge whale. There is a whole hall with cylindrical aquariums. Three wide tunnels with blue illumination, as if you yourself fall into the depths of the sea.
Visit this aquarium and enjoy this beauty !!!

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