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Every tourist who rests on the shores of the Red Sea dreams of seeing the realities of the underwater world. But not everyone is at risk of diving into the water, even with the most experienced instructors. We have a special tour for those who prefer to see the world under water, but remain dry. We invite you to a fascinating and very informative excursion Sea Scope. Now the real journey through the depths of the sea is real even for those who cannot swim. Directly before your eyes will float a bevy of exotic fish and other marine inhabitants.
The excursion takes place on boats of the Sea Scope type, which will immerse you under water. These are modern and comfortable boats with air conditioning. With their design, they slightly resemble submarines. But in fact, the boat is located on the surface of the water, and the bottom is 4 meters low. Through the large panoramic windows you have to admire the rich underwater kingdom of the cleanest sea in the world. The Sea Scope boat is a great alternative to scuba diving. This tour will be the best option for holidaymakers with children. Kids will be delighted, because such a trip can not be compared with a visit to piece aquariums. From all sides you will be surrounded by the real sea, and free sea dwellers will be busy with their daily activities, sailing past you. Also you will see the most beautiful coral reefs. The kingdom of Poseidon is amazing and worth it to visit even once in your life. We have two options of excursion, designed for two or three hours. In this case, possible stops for swimming. You will not regret if you decide to make such an underwater journey. Emotions and impressions from what you saw will last for a long time.

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