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Utopia Island

The trip starts in the morning. On the way there will be two stops to swim with masks and flippers and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. You can see the incomparable and bright world of sea creatures at arm’s length. For you will be organized fishing and riding a «banana» or «tablet.»
You will be offered a seafood lunch, which is prepared by skilled chefs right on the ship.
After lunch, you will have the opportunity to look at the underwater world through the glass bottom of the boat. On it you will go from the ship to the island «Utopia», where you will sunbathe and swim on a fabulous beach. The water here is clear and clean, and the fish and corals are so diverse that they will amaze you.
From the island you will again take the boat, which takes you to the ship. A comfortable bus will be waiting for you at the pier to take you back to the hotel.

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