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Fans of fishing in Egypt — a real expanse. The amazing inhabitants of the seabed will probably be the most memorable catch of your life. You are invited to such an excursion — like fishing. This tour will appeal to all — even for beginners. There is nothing difficult at all. And if you are lucky, you can catch not only small, but also larger fish. Your photo with a fish trophy will surely please your near and dear ones! Fans of fishing here on the Red Sea, just expanse. You go fishing on a ship that is equipped with tackles. This fishing is called fishing «on the donke». It looks like this: on the fishing line sinker, hook and bait. You throw the hook to the water and wait for a bite. This is not an expensive pleasure, which can diversify the beach holiday. The standard fishing program includes swimming in the open sea near coral reefs. On the ship there are flippers, masks, tubes — they are at your service!

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