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Monasteries of St. Paul and Anthony

Against the backdrop of the incredibly beautiful mountains of the Eastern Desert, 250 km north of Hurghada, there are two of the oldest Christian monasteries — St. Anthony and St. Paul. It is worth everyone to visit the world famous monasteries and to touch the unique relics, because monasticism originated on the land of Egypt many centuries ago. In these places lived Anthony the Great, who in his youth retired to the desert, led an ascetic, solitary lifestyle. He was followed by his associates. That is how the first Christian community developed, and since then St. Anthony has been revered as the “father of monasticism.” After the death of the monk, the monks founded the most ancient Christian monastery in the world. From time immemorial from all over the world here, in search of healing the soul and body, consolation, numerous pilgrims come to pray, among them were Archimandrite Porfiry and P. Solovyov.
Today, the monastery of St. Anthony, whose territory is decorated with beautiful gardens with date palms and olives, churches and monastic cells, welcomes all believers. Rare ancient icons have been preserved here, including a copy of the icon of the Vladimir Mother of God, as well as the oldest texts in Coptic and Arabic languages. One of the churches of the monastery was built on the site of the chapel where St. Anthony is buried.
Another Christian monastery of St. Paul was founded on the site of a secluded cave, where until his death, hiding from the persecution of the Romans, St. Paul lived. According to tradition, the monk fed only on bread, which, by the will of God, brought him a raven, and water. Above the cave stands the most ancient church, whose walls are decorated with well-preserved ancient frescoes.

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