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We invite you to plunge into the world of the capital life of Egypt — visit Cairo, the largest city in Africa. Ancient pyramids, Sphinx, papyrus factories and usual everyday life — will not leave indifferent any tourist. Cairo is a big and noisy metropolis, there are many historical monuments in it, so the city is very popular among tourists. Do not miss the opportunity to go there and feel the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Our Excursion to Cairo from Hurghada is planned so that in just one day, you can see the most interesting things.
Upon arrival in Cairo, you will visit the Cairo Museum, where the guide will take you to the «Treasury of antiquities» of Egypt and tell about the most important exhibits in the collection. Then, together with the guide, you will go to the city of the pyramids of Giza. Before visiting the Pyramid, you will be offered to have lunch at the restaurant according to the buffet system. After that, on the Giza plateau, the guide will tell you a lot of new and interesting information about the construction of the pyramids and about Egypt in general. And the last stop will be a visit to the papyrus and oil factory.

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