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Cairo and Alexandria

See the two main cities of Egypt — Cairo and Alexandria — will there be something to compare? The tour begins with a night departure from Hurghada. Approximately, one way road will take 6 — 7 hours. Early in the morning you will arrive in Cairo.
Cairo is one of the largest densely populated cities in Africa. Tourists Cairo causes a double impression — heading towards the center, you see a contrasting city: modern skyscrapers, expensive prestigious areas, shacks of the poor. And you start your acquaintance with Cairo from the center of the capital — Tahrir Square, where the famous Egyptian National Museum is located. After visiting the museum, you are invited (optional for an additional fee) to ride along the Nile by boat and look at the city from the side of the Great River. By the time it takes 20-25 minutes, during which you enjoy the view of Cairo. Then from Cairo you go to the suburbs — to Giza. But before visiting the pyramids you have lunch. Lunch at the restaurant (buffet). And at the end of the tour — visit the pyramids at Giza and the Sphinx. And at the end of the first day of the program you are invited to visit the oil factory where you can buy perfumes from all over the world.
After that you have accommodation in a hotel where dinner and breakfast are provided. Having visited the first day in the capital of Egypt, having seen the pyramids, the museum, the Nile river, you will go to Alexandria early in the morning.
Alexandria is the second largest city of Egypt, which was founded in 332 BC by Alexander the Great. This is a major cultural and shopping center. Alexandria is a real gem of Egypt and the whole Mediterranean. You will immediately feel the difference between eras and cultures. But history is above all and you begin to understand this by visiting Fort Kite Bay. It is located above the eastern harbor and is an impressive fortress with round towers and loopholes facing the sea. From the bastions of the fortress offers a great view of the sea and the city. Inside the Fort is the oldest mosque in Alexandria and the marine biology museum with 50 aquariums of the inhabitants of the Mediterranean, Red Sea and Nile.
You will also see the Abu-El-Abbas Mosque and look outside the famous Alexandria Library. The royal library was created in Alexandria in the III century BC and kept a huge number of manuscripts.
You will also pass along the embankment and visit another amazing place — this is Montaza Park. The royal palace of Montaz was the summer residence of the former king of Egypt, Farouk. The park is located on the extreme point of the Alexandria embankment, rises above the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by palm trees.

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