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Super Luxor

This tour is recommended for all curious tourists who want to learn more about the history of ancient Egypt and see the religious monuments of those times.
The first stop will be in Dendera, in a town 65 km north of Luxor. You will visit the temple of the goddess Hathor preserved practically in its original form
The temple was built in the Greco-Roman period, but with the observance of all the traditions of ancient Egyptian architecture, and became a place of service to the goddess of love and sky Hathor.
Further, according to the program, you will get acquainted with the city of Luxor, visit the grandiose Karnak temple, the temple of Ramses III and the Banana Island.
Luxor is located on the site of the ancient city of Thebes and is the most famous cultural monument of ancient Egypt. The size and complexity of the structure of the Karnak temple with its innumerable courtyards, halls, colossi and a huge sacred lake is simply stunning. It all started with a modest construction, but each Pharaoh attached something of his own and reworked the existing one, trying to leave a memory of himself in the main temple of the country.
The memorial temple of Pharaoh Ramses III in Medinet-Abu is one of the local little-known pearls. It is located away from the main road through the City of the Dead and is usually not visited by tourist groups. Nevertheless, it is of great interest, especially its bas-reliefs and paintings, many of which have been saved in color.

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