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Dolphin House

In Egypt, there is a reserve for dolphins — in Hurghada! Dolphins have chosen a certain reef and this has become their favorite habitat. A warm and cold current in this part of the Red Sea was a favorable factor. Tourists swim here on the surface and see dolphins! Is not it a miracle to be with these intelligent animals side by side in the sea, on vacation! You will see dolphins in their natural wild environment, admire how these strong and graceful animals get their food and play with each other, and if you are lucky, swim with them. Bottlenose dolphins live in the Red Sea, which are now on the verge of extinction.
While on a tour, please kindly follow certain rules in order not to cause additional harm to these animals:
it is forbidden to feed and lure dolphins;
throw unnecessary items into the water;
scream loudly;
splash heavily on the water.
Non-observance of elementary norms carries irreversible destructive actions.

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