Свой кусочек пляжа: как купить квартиру в Хургаде, чтобы отдохнуть и заработать.


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Your own piece of the beach: how to buy an apartment in Hurghada to relax and earn money.

It is no secret that you can buy an apartment in Hurghada from 8t dollars and by renting it out, return the costs for several years.
Foreigners are a rapidly growing group of clients interested in renting and buying a home in Hurghada, who are increasingly looking at the Red Sea real estate. The demand for real estate in recent years has grown by at least 30%. People are looking for real estate for themselves and for rent. On the delivery of apartments, you can earn 20-25% per annum in foreign currency. This is several times more than the banks offer for foreign currency deposits. But in reality, not everything is so simple — you can both make money and acquire a «burden» that will pull money and not generate income.
Among the resort regions, most often foreigners choose Hurghada as a «safe haven» for their families and capital.
The interest in Hurghada is driven by several factors.
The standard of living in this country does not differ much from the world average. And the cost of living is very low. For example, utility bills usually do not exceed $ 50 per month for a family of 3-4 people. Plus — good ecology and climate, relatively inexpensive medical care. All of this is important for those who are looking for housing for themselves and for those who buy for rent. The reliability of investments also captivates. And today, according to experts, investment in real estate remains one of the most profitable investments.
Many foreign buyers expect that by purchasing apartments on the coast of the Red Sea, they will be able to receive not only a stable rental income, but in the future they will also make money on the sale of housing.
Real estate prices in Hurghada have grown by 30% in just a few years. So even with a quick resale, you can make good money. So buying an apartment for sale would be a profitable investment option. Thus, you can earn 30-40% of the money invested.
The popularity of Hurghada among tourists, as well as property prices, are constantly growing. But so far there are also comparatively budget proposals. For example, a studio from a developer with an area of ​​35 sq. M can be bought for $ 10,000, and a one-bedroom apartment in the secondary market with an area of ​​55 sq. M. m not far from the beach can be bought for 12,000 $.

For any questions regarding the choice of real estate FOR RENT in Hurghada, you can always consult with our specialists who have up-to-date information and will help you make the right choice

+20 106 930 3640 Contact us

Skype: Hurghada RedSeaLine

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Phelps Robert

The apartment is excellent in terms of price-quality ratio. Neat, clean, everything you need is available. Even a piece of the sea can be seen from the window

Carson Daniel

The hosts are very decent people, they go to a meeting in many matters, meet at the airport, help with personal requests. I recommend this option.

Hawkins Matthew

The owner responds to all requests, the apartment really matches the description and photographs, there is everything you need

Harper Emory

We came to Hurghada for a month and stayed for one and a half. The apartment is good, we feel almost at home in it. They took us home, told everything. The location of the apartment is very good. Come

Gregory Michael

I have already stayed in Redsilain apartments several times and will stay here next time! Believe me, I have something to compare with and I can safely say that these are the best apartments.

Bradford Garry

In my opinion, this is one of the most successful hosts in Hurghada. The advantages are cleanliness, efficiency of the host and location of the apartment

Allen David

We were met at the airport and while we were driving the driver showed us everything that was there. The apartment is decorated simply but tastefully. The area is quiet but not difficult to reach the center and the sea

Rose Paul

The area is good, not far from the center, good transport interchange. The apartment is clean and has everything you need for living. In general, everything is fine. We wish you good luck and good guests.

Newton Williamя

Quiet and cozy place. The apartment has everything you need, everything works. Clean and comfortable. Special thanks for the Turk. Wi-Fi worked well. Thank you for a comfortable stay.

Terry Dale

We stayed in Hurghada for 6 days. I carefully read reviews about the amenities in the apartment. The description and photos are completely true in everything.

Adams Noah

Excellent apartment for a budget holiday. The price-quality ratio is optimal in my opinion.

Fletcher Amos

We stayed for more than 3 weeks, the air conditioner and the fact that the house was in the shade of trees helped to escape the heat. In general, everything was fine, we felt at home. We came from across the sea! And I will tell you there is nothing more beautiful than the Red Sea!

Gibbs Charles

Surprisingly, there is a Turk in our apartment, so coffee lovers rejoice. When we told the hostess about this, she smiled and offered us an electric Turk as well. Wonderful lovely people)

Baker Bartholomew

We have visited several times, got in both summer and winter. The area is quiet, due to the second floor there was almost no sun in the apartment and it was comfortable, as it usually bakes in summer. Air conditioners work well, but sometimes you want to open a window. Well, in general, we like everything and we constantly stay in this apartment.

Clarke Paul

Not far from the apartment is the embankment and the beach. Convenient location, the apartment has everything you need for a comfortable stay. The whole family rested, I liked everything

Sparks Ethan

The apartment corresponds to the presented photographs, is within walking distance from everything, which is very convenient as you can get to any point. The main thing is that there was a beach within walking distance

Weaver Paul

Everything was fine, we were quickly greeted, accommodated and told where to eat deliciously. The apartment has everything you need, a good place. Thanks again to the owner, everything was cool

Richardson Antony

Good wi-fi and an apartment in principle. A good option for two and a company. Located 7 minutes from the beach. Everything you need is there

Leonard Gabriel

I liked everything. The sea is close, the beach is sandy, the price is super quality

Heath Brian

We lived very close to the sea, only 3-5 minutes walk. The owner is friendly, promptly responds and helps to sort out any difficulties. Overall rating 5 out of 5

Robertson Harry

Cozy apartment in a large guarded building. Everything is near. Supermarket a stone's throw away. The apartment is also normal. In general, you can safely recommend

Harmon Christopher

Makin a sympathetic and pleasant young man. This is not the first time we come to visit. Very convenient position home placement. The apartment has everything you need. I think we will come back here more than once

Crawford Michael

An excellent place for a quiet family vacation, I warmly advise everyone!

Bailey Alexander

Thanks for the great welcome! Positive, good-natured host. Cozy, quiet, spacious apartment. Highly recommend.

Greer Claude

Lovely apartment, very comfortable. It was rightly noticed that it is very hot to walk to the beach, but the very proximity to the sea covers this disadvantage. Everything you need is there, a clean and green courtyard with flowering trees. Dishes and everything else are in abundance. Thank you so much

Bradley Ethan

We did not have any difficulties and problems. We settled in on time, everything is calm. The owner gave us the phone number of the courier service and we were brought food directly to the entrance. Which was very convenient

Blair Joseph

The apartment is located in a convenient location, everything is within walking distance (shops, cafes, sea, embankment). If the apartment is cold, then you can turn on the fan, it is in the closet. He is calmly enough to heat the room

Gaines Tyrone

Staying here was a great choice. There is everything you need, fully consistent with the description and photos. Very good host, always quick to answer any questions. I liked everything very much, I recommend

Riley Brian

Very good location of the apartment, the apartment is shikardos, Makin a cool owner

Todd Steven

Good location, good owner, good for the money. I recommend to stay.

Lloyd Dylan

The owner is very sociable and friendly. I met, helped, told and showed everything.

Booth Ethan

If you just want to enjoy Hurghada, then this is just your option. The place is excellent, the sea is nearby, the apartment has everything for living.

Perry Ross

I highly recommend this apartment. There is nothing to worry about, there is everything you need for living.

Curtis Gervase

They answered us very promptly, helped us buy excursions, told us about everything that can be visited. Thanks to this, we independently went to the luxor, the aquarium, the dolphinarium, etc. Friends, thanks to you our holiday was a success

Thomas Lewis

We rested last month. I liked the apartment very much. Everything is clean and tidy with good linens, pillows and towels. In general, everything you need. I can safely recommend

Wade Walter

The place is convenient, 10 minutes to the sea. The apartment is really quiet and cozy but not as sunny as in the photo

Ward George

I really liked it. The apartment is comfortable and beautifully located; the neighbors' children do sometimes play the piano. Clean, comfortable, everything is there! They respond so quickly that I did not even expect. Thank you

Pearson Charles

The company works quickly, safely, calmly and does everything to keep the guests interested. Will definitely visit again. Good luck to all!

Lawrence Felix

Our luxurious apartments had everything you need, while there was nothing superfluous), just a good combination. And after all the excursions, walks and shopping, we were directly drawn to return to our nest)

Richards Ralph

Our apartment had a very large bed, TV, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, etc., etc. You can't list everything. It was just great

Reynolds Melvin

Wonderful location. Walking around the city is a pleasure. Cafe, a bunch of shops, a promenade for walking along the sea. Come, I advise

Wright Rafe

The apartment was normal, we can't live in it to discuss the color of the walls. The main thing is clean. My wife was cooking, so everything was enough. I had the main balcony for smoking, there were two of them and a duvet cover, too. Well, the sea is worth noting. It was close

Bennett Ronald

I had a rest with 2 daughters. The apartment corresponds to the price and corresponds to the information that is offered. The girls also really liked it. Say hello to Aunt Olya)

Cameron Samuel

Good day, everyone. I would like to write about my vacation with pleasure. The apartment is large, bright and, most importantly, very clean. You can walk nearby! In general, I cordially recommend everyone

Walters Homer

We chose an apartment so that the main thing was the sea nearby, but of course the son needs a pool. Just what we need. The area is lovely, very quiet.

Moore Walter

. I am very glad that after a long search I chose this particular apartment - it is clean, tidy, there is everything you need. Recommend

Marshall Thomas

Nice apartment, clean enough, nice. Photos are true

Carter Matthew

I advise everyone to stay in the apartment of this company. The apartment is not big but cozy and clean. There are many flowering trees nearby. Grocery store and pharmacy next door. To the center 10 minutes. The sea is very close

Harrington Steven

The apartment is fully consistent with the description, even more spacious than expected. The only thing that was uncomfortable for us was that it was downhill to the beach and uphill from the beach. The distance is close, we were just with a stroller

Morgan Donald

The apartment met our expectations. By the way, we ordered a transfer from the airport. We were met exactly at the appointed time. The area is quiet and calm, no one made any noise at night. The owner is a sensible and nice guy!

Fields Edward

We were relaxing in a studio in the Elkauser area. Shops and all the infrastructure were literally a couple of minutes from us, as were cafes with very tasty food. You can eat inside and take away. In general, a good place, feel free to book, you will not regret

Blankenship Jeffrey

Our apartment was located close to the sea, the market and everything you can dream of. But keep in mind that in the summer months you do not hike, the heat is terrible! The sea is above room temperature. Only air conditioners saved

Miller Lester

The apartment exactly corresponds to the description, everything you need is available for a comfortable stay. Recommend

Hunt David

The large balcony terrace in the apartment is just wonderful. Although I arrived when it was not very hot, I often went out to sit with my laptop. The owners even gave me a blanket

McCarthy Brian

The location is very convenient, good view, price quality for 5 points. I have a pleasant experience, I recommend

Farmer Charles

We had a happy honeymoon. Our studio was decorated with balloons, hearts and everyone was covered with some kind of wonderful orange flowers! God !!! And in the fridge was a bottle of champagne, ice cream cake and peaches! I want to write so much but I don't even know how to express it! I highly recommend it!

Franklin Jonah

It is always pleasant to write about good things! The apartment is very clean, decent people, the sea is near the house. Now we will only come to you

Porter Peter

I want to say thank you for me and separate from my parents. Thank you for your sensitivity to the elderly. And I want to wish you happiness!

Short Ronald

I will write briefly! Everything is fine. The place is super, the owners are super, the apartment is super!

Ball Mark

Our apartment had a free minibar, water, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, balm and even a razor and a bag of shaving gel. And it is also clean and there is absolutely everything for life.

Hancock John

The company owner is very nice people. The apartment itself is located in a very pleasant location - just a stone's throw to shops, the sea, the center, etc.

Clark Charles

Excellent location, all within walking distance to shops and the sea. It was not much cool on the beach, but here, as they say, nature does not have bad weather

Norris Nelson

Nice apartment with everything you need. Check-out and check-in will not cause problems. The owners are always in touch. We can safely recommend

Warren Magnus

Nice, welcoming hosts. Purity. It didn't work out for a long stay, but the impressions were pleasant, especially the location. All the necessary points in the city were just a stone's throw away

Henry Frank

Nice place. I have stayed 2 times. Fate itself brought me back to this place, since the first time I forgot my charger

Atkins Gordon

We liked everything, it was comfortable with a small child. We were given a high chair, pot, and even toys. And I have books. Surprisingly pleasant hospitality!

Johns Mark

Convenient location, everything is nearby, the apartment is good, the owners are nice. Recommend

Singleton John

I had only one drawback, which I want to note. The view from the window is not very good. The seas are not flowers. But we got a great discount on our booking.

Ryan Bruno

Everything is as I expected. Perfect home for the money. Warmly advise

Mason Jessie

I would like to note that we were very pleased with the perfectly clean bed linen and, in principle, perfect cleanliness in the apartment, besides this, I would like to note the speed of responses from the owners. For your money, you get a good option.

Lambert Robert

Modest, but tasteful! That is what I would call this nice little studio. Everything you need is there, and at arm's length. But we came so far from across the sea, and it is fabulous and importantly close

Anderson Stuart

Good location, pleasant hosts, helped us arrange our stay and special thanks for the early check-in.

Ross Logan

Great welcome. Thank you very much for everything. The noise from motorcycles at night was a little disturbing. But we started to close the bedroom window.

Benson Edward

I was glad that we were settled at 11 and not at 15 like everyone else. Near the exchanger. Thank you very much for your hospitality. Next time we will come a little longer.

Lane Eustace

We are from Cairo, stayed with my husband for 3 nights. The apartment is not big but very comfortable. Very close to the sea, 5 minutes at a calm pace. Nearby is a fruit shop and a supermarket. And there is no special promotion for tourists. A good place

Mosley George

Accommodation matches photographs. I was especially pleased that the air conditioner works well. Everything else is also on the level. Thanks for the welcome. I definitely recommend it!

Whitehead Brendan

Great location. Price and quality correspond. Very helpful and hospitable hosts. We were happy to live here

Blake Denis

Housing is affordable and reasonable in quality. The main thing is that everything is clean and tidy and it doesn't matter that it's very hot outside, the apartment had 2 air conditioners. In fact, this is a great place, I recommend

McDowell Daniel

Believe me, you have a wonderful vacation! Since the hospitality and care of guests from these wonderful people will allow you to recharge your mood for the entire stay!

Burke Ezra

In the center, close to the sea. Nearby shops, everything is convenient.

Stephens Sydney

Cozy studio, 5min from the sea. Near shops and cafes.

Poole Ambrose

We had two balconies in our apartment. We had breakfast on the balcony every day! The apartment is just perfect!

Holmes Mervyn

Great option for the price of convenience. The beach is 5 minutes walk. Car rental office nearby. Grocery supermarket very close. A good option

Antonia Della malva

We rented the apartment in the mid-autumn. Everything was great! The apartment was clean. The interior was cozy. We even had welcoming amenities. Everything was on the top level. Thank you.

Elena Shumilina

I have rented the apartment during the summer. At first we thought that we will stay only for one month, but the apartment was so nice and the atmosphere of our stay was so welcoming that we have decided to stay for the entire season. We loved every minute pent in our place of vacation. Everything in the apartment was functioning well and in general the condition of the apartment was as new. We loved the service of airport transfer. We will come again.

Tamara Peldoza

Last year we were booking the apartment from Red Sea Lin. I decided to give them y recommendation now because we are planning to come back agai. The last year was one of the best holidays we have had. The staff was friendly, the apartment was nice and the service was on the top level.

Joe Hammond

The apartment that we rented from RedSeaLine for our holidays was very nice. Clean, eat and very cozy. It had everything that we cold have needed to have a comfortable and memorable holiday. Everything was functioning perfectly. We will definitely come back.

Malek Alkhotani

Red Sea Line has made for the best holiday ever! Everything was on the top level starting from the booking process (I was communicating to a very nice woman who has explained every single question I had) up to a toothpick on my kitchen shelf (I had a beautiful welcome amenities). I loved everything about that apartment. I will recommend them to all my friends.

Christy Baker

I wanted to book apartment for holidays and contacted Red Sea Line because of the comments. Imagine how surprised I was when I knew that they also arrange the airport transfer. The car was very comfortable. The driver was very careful on the way. When we came to the apartment, we were again surprised with the fact that it was absolutely ready for living if I decide to stay for a long time. Welcome amenities were very nice. I had a very good impression that I had kept throughout my stay. Very thoughtful, attentive and friendly personnel. I will recommend.

Abdelhamed Sayed

Red Sea Line’s apartments are worthy of the highest recommendation. WE loved our stay the last summer. The apartment was clean and neat and very spacious. The interior was very home-like. We absolutely loved it! We will come back. Thank you!

Chika Sekiguchi

During my business trip I had to stay in Hurghada for few days. I didn’t want to book a hotel so I decided to contact Red Sea Line and book apartment. I was very pleasantly surprised with the prices and general condition of the apartments. It is on a very high level. The apartment was clean and neat. The furniture was like a brand new. I was very satisfied with my stay here.

Christabel Morris

We came to Hurghada for the fifth time and this was the second time we decided to take the apartment from Red Sea Line. Just as the first time the apartment was very nice. Clean and neat. Everything has been functioning well and t all made our holidays very good. I will recommend them to everyone.

Damien Buisset

I am coming to Hurghada twice a year and I really do not wish to go to the hotels. I like having an apartment in the center and to be able to do everything I need in the city. Red SeaLine has very nice apartments are comfortable for living. All the apartments are in a very good location. The beach is nearby. The owner is very nice and friendly. And n general apartments are clean and well equipped. Recommended – definitely.

DrSerag Mounir

I was the client of Red sea line for few years. We have been going with them o excursions. This time we have decided to have the apartment for rent. The apartment was clean and cozy. The condition of the furniture and the utilities is very god. We loved the stay. We will definitely come back to them. Highly recommended.

Mahmoud Hammam

WE would like to tell everyone about our experience of renting the apartment with Red Sea Line. Booking process was very easy. The airport transfer has been arranged by them as well. The apartment was in a very good location not far from the sea. We loved the stay! Highly recommended.


Red SeaLine has very good apartments for the vacation. We’ve stayed in 3 different apartments until now. And I will surely come again. Every time we felt very welcomed. Before I was sure that a nice holiday is possible only if we stayed in the hotel. But they have changed my understating of vacation. Clean and very home atmosphere apartment friendly and polite owners that are doing their best for us to have a nice stay.

madeleine dau

Cleanliness 5*. Comfort 5*. Functionality 5*. Service 5*. Friendliness and attitude of the owner 5*. Price 5*. Highly recommended.

fazidah daud

I was planning to have a stay for the entire winter. The hotel was not an option for their purpose. So I contacted Red Sea Line representative. They have made me a very good offer for a very nice apartment in the touristic center close to the beach. I loved it! I absolutely loved it! It was clean, nicely furnished, all the kitchen facilities were functioning well. We were very happy with our stay. Highly recommended.

fatih solen

I have decided to rent the apartment for holidays for the first time. I contacted Redsea line and never regretted it. They have offered to arrange the transfer from the airport. Transfer was good – very comfortable. The apartment was exactly as the agent told me – very close to the beach and different facilities. I liked the cozy home atmosphere. We had a great holiday.

Lucie Jelinkova

Came to Hurghada for the third time and second time to the Red SeaLine apartment. Just like the first time it was perfect. Clean, neat and cozy. This time we decided to have the same apartment like the last time and it was just as great as the previous year. I am very satisfied with service ad friendliness of Red SeaLine rep.

Miriam Brunig

I loved my stay in the apartment of Red SeaLine. The location and the furniture were just as the photos that we have seen before we came. Complete match. I got exactly what I have expected which was important. All the equipment is very clean, I was very satisfied with the accommodation conditions during my stay. I will definitely recommend them.


I would like to thank the personnel of th Red Sea Line for their thoughtful and attentive personnel. They were ready to attend to out every need. They have always kept in contact for the entire stay. Any question has been answered ad every request has been fulfilled. Thank you very much! You have our recommendations.

Selman Buyukkara

We have rented the apartment from Red sea line for the first time, but I am more than sure that it would not be the last time. The apartment was very nice. The service provided was very good. In general they have created the very nice impression. Very friendly personnel that are ready to assure of the best service provided Highly recommended.

liu lulu

Red Sea Line is a very reliable agency. They have very nice apartments. All of them are clean and nicely decorated. I have rented apartments from them twice. Every time the apartment matches the description we got completely. I was never disappointed. I will definitely recommend them.

Khaled Alaa

I would like to recommend Red Sea Lie to everyone who would like to rent the apartment for the vacation. The prices are very good. The location of the apartments is very nice. The apartments themselves are in a very good condition. The personnel is very attentive and friendly. Highly recommended.

Elie Khalil

Red SeaLie have made my dream vacation. We have loved every minute of our stay. Everything was very well organized. The transfer was very comfortable and clean. The driver friendly and careful on the road. The apartment was also clean and very cozy. I loved the interior. We were very impressed by the value for money. Thank you!

Mario Salvador Higuera Suarez

I took an apartment from Red Sea Line as a friend of mine has recommended. And never regretted for even one bit. The apartment was fully furnished with very comfortable items. It I filled with all the facilities for a comfortable living. The owner is always keeping in touch to answer any question. I will recommend them and come again.

Zeljko Paunovic

I wish to express my gratitude towards the Red SeaLine for the very nice vacation we have had. We have booked the apartment online and they have offered the airport transfer service. The transfer was very comfortable, the apartment was in a very good condition and the utilities are functioning well. Highest recommendation.